Indus Valley Civilization Timeline

Key Milestones

c.5000 BCE

c.1500 BCE

The Indus Valley (or Harappan) Civilization.

c. 5000 BCE

Evidence of religious practices in the Indus Valley.

c. 4000 BCE

Farming settlements are established in the Indus Valley.

c. 3000 BCE

First signs of urbanization in the Indus Valley.

c. 3000 BCE

c. 2600 BCE

The rise of the great Indian cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa.

c. 2600 BCE

Dozens of towns and cities are established in the Indus Valley.

c. 2500 BCE

Earliest use of the Indus Script.

c. 1500 BCE

The Aryans - nomadic northerners from central Asia, begin to migrate into the Indus Valley.

c. 1000 BCE

The Aryans expand into the Ganges valley in India.

c. 530 BCE

Persia conquers the Indus Valley.

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