MJD Conference 2017

The Indus with its ancient courses and floodplains gave birth to flourishing cultures in the southwest of Pakistan, these ultimately developed in to a great civilization. Indus Valley Civilization boasts of the flourishing urban centers; the Bronze Age site of Mohenjodaro, considered as a marvel of town planning, is situated on the banks of river Indus, in province of Sindh, in present day Pakistan. National Fund for Mohenjodaro, in collaboration with the Sindh Government is jointly organizing a Conference on Mohenjodaro, & Indus Valley Civilization in the month of February 2017, on the site of Mohenjodaro. The conference aims at discussing new research on the Indus Valley Civilization, the issues related to the safeguarding the archaeological remains of Mohenjodaro, and the presentation of the site. The conference is attended by the scholars from all over the World, and shall be represented by the high level government functionaries, to open a dialogue for achieving best possible results towards the promotion of the archaeological heritage of the country.

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