Atsushi Noguchi is Academic Support Specialist of the University Museum, the University of Tokyo, Japan as a project researcher of the PalaeoAsia Project (http://paleoasia.jp/en), while he is a founder and Director-cum-Secretary General of Non-Profit Organization Japanese Centre for South Asian Cultural Heritage (NPO-JCSACH). He studies Palaeolithic archaeology of Japan, South Asia, as well as the Arabian Peninsula. He has experience of field works on Palaeolithic sites in Syria, Iran and Oman, while conducting a large-scale rescue excavation project in the Japanese Upper Palaeolithic site.

He is working in Pakistan as well, in collaboration with Shah Abdul Latif University in the northern Sindh and Hazara University in Islamabad Capital Territory and adjacent Punjab Province. His current focus in his study is the emergence and dispersal of modern human in Eurasia with special reference to the southern route from the Arabian Peninsula to South Asia. He is also working in digital documentation of cultural heritage especially with 3D documentation. His application in this field is varied from lithics (stone tools), Gandharan sculptures to architectural monuments.

Project of National Fund for Mohenjodaro, under Department of Culture Tourism and Antiquities, Government of Sindh
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